9 Spray Tan Tips – For A Better Tanning Experience


Everybody loves a sun-kissed glowing skin. However, spending hours every day in the sun to take sun-bath is not possible for everyone. Not even it is safe sometimes. However, if you want to get a bronzy glow on your skin, you can opt for a spray tan in La Mesa. It will get you an instant tanned skin. In this article, we are going to learn some spray tanning tips.

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Check out the pre-spray tanning tips

·             For the best spray tanning results, exfoliation is a must. Before every spray tanning session, focus on exfoliating the driest areas such as elbows, knees, feet, hands, the backs of your ankles, etc. You will come across a wide range of exfoliating products such as pre tanning exfoliators.

·            Avoid waxing or other spa treatments on the day you get a spray tan. Also, on the day of taking spray tan, avoid using moisturizers unless it is suitable for sunless tanning.

·              Don’t wear perfumes, makeup, deodorant, etc. since that can create a barrier for spray tan absorption. Avoid wearing tight clothes and shoes such as boots, tights or socks. These might rub off some of the spray tans causing uneven results.

·              Wear loose-fitting dark clothes. Also, wear nail polish if possible since it will protect your nails from tanning.

·              After you set up in the private and secure tanning room, you will need to disrobe yourself to your comfort level. If you don’t want to spray tan nude, you can wear an undergarment or a swimsuit that you won’t mind staining. Remove all jewelry and wear a cap for protecting your hair.

·              Applying a barrier cream is a crucial element for prepping up for a spray tan. Experts prefer putting on a light layer of the cream in areas where your skin tends to be rougher. The areas include hands, feet, fingers, toes, sides of the feet, cuticles, etc. These areas are likely to soak up more spray tan solution. The spray tan spa will provide you with the necessary elements such as hair caps, protective eyewear, nose filters, cotton balls, lip balms, etc. for your convenience and protection.

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Post spray tanning tips

·                   After you get your spray tan in La Mesa, avoid bathing or swimming at least within hours. Avoid activities that promote heavy sweating. Swimming in chlorinated pools quickly breaks down the spray tan. Therefore, avoid all these.

·                   Moisturize your skin daily with a post-sunless tan product. The drugstore lotions may contain oils and many other elements that can harm the spray tan.

·                   Use mild soap, body wash, exfoliants, oils, etc. for taking care of your skin. Harsh skincare products can shorten the life of your spray tan. Experts recommend using soaps or other products that will elongate the life of your tan.

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