Everything You Need To Know About Moonlight Spell Casting

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The Moon has always been related to Magic and mysticism from the very beginning of time, across various traditions and cultures. The Sun, whose significance is undeniable, is connected to logos and left-brain functions. On the other hand, the Moon is linked to instinct, change, variability, reflection – all that is womanly – and it is associated with the component of water.

The power of the energies of the moon is unquestionable. And, one can witness it in varying tides, dreams and also in bodily cycles. Syncing your life with its phases can help you in living a life that is in greater harmony with Nature and its ever-changing seasons. That is the reason why people have become so much interested in taking moon light spell casting packages. In the below passages of this discussion, there is some more information you may be interested in.

What Do You Need To Know About Moonlight Spell Casting?

Here are some important information you need to know about moon light spell casting.

There are 8 phases of the Moon and one can use the energies of each of them for increasing the power of rituals and spells. If you hire a witch and take moon light spell casting packages, they will use these phases to help you out.

The New Moon is the initial phase of the lunar cycle, starting when the Moon recurs in the night sky after 2-3 days of absence known as the ‘Dark Moon’. It is a time of new beginnings; so, perfect for setting intentions and planting seeds for the future. According to spell casters, this time is ideal for taking those first steps towards manifesting your needs.

The Waxing Crescent Moon is a phase of the lunar cycle in which the Moon grows. Energies are very compelling making it an excellent time to carry out ‘constructive’ magic, calling in what you want from reality and life. No matter what those, they can be projects, plans or emotional states and behaviours, like more compassion, self-love, courage, a positive attitude etc. The energy of the Waxing Crescent is all about going inside and ‘pulling’ out what you desire more of before you start thinking and envisioning what you want to develop from the outside world.

While the New Moon is all about going within and bringing out, the First Quarter Moon is all about magnetism from the outer world. It is the best time for performing magic that is aiming to draw things in, no matter if it is a person or money, success etc. Also, this is a very favourable time to call back lost objects.

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