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A Timeless Affair at Jefferson Street Inn

Katrina and Kyle's wedding was simply elegant, consisting of all white details accented with champagne hues and greenery.
Ericka Franklin
A Timeless Affair at Jefferson Street Inn

Wedding Date: July 20, 2019

Katrina Gehrig was new in town and joined a volleyball team, where she met Kyle Mattek, and they quickly knew they had something special. After sharing “I love you’s” for the first time while attending a friend’s wedding, they knew they needn’t look any further. However, the path to the proposal wasn’t so straight and narrow. While Kyle had planned a classic proposal during a hike, Katrina and her dog, Louie, comically veered away from each of Kyle’s attempts to surprise her, until he finally seized the moment,?calmly calling out, “Wait,” then dropping to one knee.

For the ceremony, the bride opted for a timeless affair with beige ensembles for the bridesmaids and classic black tuxes for the groomsmen to complement the domed ceiling paintings and ornate details in the church. To honor Katrina’s Greek heritage, the reception included
boubounieres koufeta as favors—five Jordan almonds wrapped in small net bags to symbolize a newly married life, along with health, happiness, fertility, wealth, and a long life.

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