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Vintage Brilliance at Covenant at Murray Mansion

These high school sweethearts incorporated many meaningful touches into their big day.
Katie Ringhand
Hannah and Corey, photo by Lichter Photography

Wedding Date: October 25, 2019

Hannah and Corey met while in high school at a church event and have been dating ever since. As they were spending a long summer weekend in Northern Wisconsin, Corey popped the question. They were boating around a lake with some friends and?stopped to check out a private island?on the lake.?While exploring the property, they could see a family gathering, to which Hannah said they should leave. Instead, Corey walked right up to the party and yelled?"hi!". As everyone turned around and Hannah realized they were?their closest family and friends, Corey got down on one knee. It was a total shock to Hannah, but she remembers it as the best day ever!

Hannah was very excited to plan her wedding, as she?herself is part of the wedding planning industry at Covenant at Murray Mansion.?Most would not jump at the opportunity to get married at their place of work but for Hannah, that made her wedding day even more special since she was able to share her passion for weddings with the people she loves most. Featuring a?rustic boho theme that?bursted with?bright colors, wood accents and vintage heirlooms, the couple?WOW'd their guests with amazing?cuisine and fun additions?including a?donut wall (that doubled as?a soft pretzel wall for late night snacking), a Polaroid?photo station, hand-drawn portraits by a doodlebooth artist, and?specialty?cocktail slushies.?

Hannah and Corey's wedding was much more than "just another beautiful wedding". It was a celebration of Hannah and Corey's relationship and dedication to one other since their early teens. And it was a day for their families to officially become one.?

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